My name is Nina and I live in Vancouver with my husband and our adorably shaggy dog. I’m an environmental health researcher, meaning I crunch numbers and then write about them – and hope that someone with power to do something notices. I’m a classic introvert and an only child, though my husband is providing remedial lessons in sharing and teasing. I love math and science but I hate science fiction (including Star Wars/Trek). English is my second language, which makes it all the more satisfying to be a grammar nazi. I’m a raging liberal, often quite literally. And although I get myself worked up about all kinds of things regularly, most people know me as calm and nonchalant. I am not those things; I am just Finnish. We’re all built to appear that way.

I discovered the world of blogging in fall 2009 while planning our wedding and in desperate need of sanity community and I haven’t looked back since. Upon reaching adulthood, I found my close friends and family had scattered around the world and I was left craving more conversations – about getting married, building families, and navigating adulthood  – and I found a place for those conversations here. My goal is to write with honesty about my experiences and hopefully reach far enough into your brain to inspire a conversation.

Thanks for dropping in and I would really love to hear from you at greyandshiny (at) gmail (dot) com. You can also find me on twitter @greyandshiny – my tweets are protected from the big scary internet at large, but with any evidence to the contrary I will happily add you.

  1. Oh yay, I am so happy to find you here! I was quite frustrated all those times I clicked on your name only to find that you “didn’t have” a blog. Made no sense. Welcome and keep it up!

  2. Um, now you need a twitter account so that we can bother you all day. :D

  3. I miss Vancouver. :( We were there in November and fell in love, and want to move there. Except housing prices seem to be as bad (high!!) as Melbourne… except we don’t have mountains!

  4. I am way behind on discovering your blog but I’m excited to explore it – I always appreciate your comments on APW.

    • Hah, funny you should say that cause in the last few days I’ve been poking around yours (that sounded creepier than intended) wondering why it took me so long to find it, cause I do know your smart voice on APW. Loving the Paint drawings.

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