Holy shit

photoCard from one of my best friends, about sums it up


Midwife Clinic Questionnaire


How did you feel when you found out you were pregnant?

I collapsed on the floor and ugly cried. Full on shoulder-shaking sobs that I’m pretty sure were going to burst out of me no matter what answer that tiny strip held.

I put off taking the test for as long as I could because I wasn’t ready for either answer. In those days of waiting, my mind performed feats worthy of quantum theory, managing to exist in two perfectly equal and opposing states at the same time. Happiness and fear. Wanting and dreading. Relief and worry. Knowledge and denial.

It is still doing that. Perhaps it’s a prelude to parenthood?


 Was this pregnancy planned?

As much as a pregnancy can be planned. That’s one way that babies are not at all like puppies.

We’ve been talking about the kid question for a long time. I’ve personally struggled with the decision practically my whole life. Parenthood has never called to me, despite everyone telling me it eventually would. I still find puppies more appealing than babies, though I assume some sort of exception will apply to our own kid. So without that internal biological clock pushing me, it came down to a logical decision. And as much as the thought of having a child scared the crap out of us, ultimately we couldn’t quite picture our lives without one either.


How have you felt so far with this pregnancy?

Like I was run over by a hormone truck that then backed up over me again a few more times.

It’s been a strange ride so far and I have a feeling it’ll only get stranger, but I am gradually learning to trust my body, mostly because I have no other choice. Like the arrogant human that I am, I have, until now, completely taken for granted the amazing miracles my body performs every moment of every day I’m alive: things like cleaning my blood and delivering oxygen and finely tuning my hormones practically to the molecule. Making new cells to do those things is hardly more miraculous, but any semblance of control or predictability I once held is now gone. My body is rearranging itself to do something totally new and I have no choice but to go along for the ride. It’s a little disconcerting to say the least. Also, the back acne is gross.


Are you going to start writing in your blog again, or can I finally delete it from my reader?*

Maybe. No. I DON’T KNOW.

Seriously guys, I can’t decide what to do with this space. I’m increasingly uncomfortable writing in a public space but am not quite ready to officially call it quits. I’m proud of what I’ve written here and I love that there are a handful of you who read it. I’d like to keep going in some form.

Maybe the answer is a password protected blog. Maybe it’s stripping the blog of more identifiable details (like my face). Or maybe I just need to leave the writing to those who are actually dedicated enough to do it regularly.

I’ll let you know when I know. In the meantime, I understand if grey&shiny gets the boot in your spring cleaning. I do love a good uncluttering.


*This wasn’t actually on the midwife clinic questionnaire (I would have been a little panicked if it had been) but I thought I should attempt to answer it anyway.

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  1. KEEP WRITING. Solidarity. Also, I feel so much better about having a password protected blog. Less readers, but who cares.

  2. I hope you wrote these answers on the actual questionnaire. How refreshing that would have been for them! (And thanks for spelling these things out in words…)

  3. Ahhh! Congratulations! The pregnancy hormone truck sucks, but it gets better.

    I hope you keep writing!

    • You know how many times I had to stop myself from accidentally outing myself by commenting on your posts? I was pretty much going through it as you were posting them. So thank you :)

      And luckily it has already gotten better – the 2nd trimester seems like it might be… ok (knock on wood).

  4. I’m really interested to hear your take on being a parent. Like you I’ve never really felt the pull of it. As of right now we’re not planning on having any, but that’s not exactly set in stone.

    • It’s so scary – because you have to leap before you really have any idea what you’re leaping into. There aren’t many decisions in life that compare to it. But I will definitely be honest with whatever I share, because others’ honesty is the only reason I was willing to jump.

  5. Wow Congratulations !
    I am glad to read that you are already feeling a bit better.
    Do keep writing, please , you have always been one of my favorites!

  6. Wow! Lots to say!

    Firstly, congrats. I hope you’re not too uncomfortable or experiencing really hellish pregnancy related grossness. Back acne, really?

    I really, REALLY hope you keep the blog going. I’m all for password protection and stripping down the photos if that’s what you have to do to keep going. I love your blog, and I was soooooooo excited to see you’d written again. Please don’t go!

    Finally, I’m really happy for you, and I hope the anxiety isn’t too bad and that people around you are being supportive.

  7. I LOVE the card. That’s a great friend. :)
    I cannot wait to read along with you. You’re rad and I appreciate the honesty. xoxo

  8. Congratulations, Nina!! Thanks for sharing this news with all of us :)

  9. That is the best card ever! Honestly, I am I so excited/amazed that you’re knocked up. Congrats, my friend!

  10. Congrats!!!! I imagine it would be a wild ride of emotions ad feeling two different things at once…

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