Tie breaker

When we were home-hunting, we found two places that tied for the top spot. They were the same price and size, only about 7 blocks apart, but one was more dressed up with new floors and gleaming bathrooms while the other had room for improvements but a more open and pleasing layout. It was a toss up that was keeping us up at night.

On a quiet spring evening, we decided to walk around the neighbourhood of both homes to get a better feel for them and also hopefully clear our heads, because this home buying stuff was making us both a little nuts.

Right by the room-for-improvements place we stumbled onto a pedestrian overpass across a major road. But it was so unlike any overpass we had ever seen. Lush with plant life and paved in charming little stones, you could hardly even tell there was traffic below unless you climbed up the banks on the side to peek over.

We then followed this path directly into our home-buying tie-breaker: the most charming little park in Vancouver.

The park is along the seawall that connects up most of the shores of Vancouver. It is almost entirely an off-leash dog park, with a small elementary school and playground tucked onto the side. The dog area is large and laced with little winding paths. It has a giant field for running your doggie heart out, a duck pond for our feathered ‘friends,’ lots of fun little crevices to explore for semi-edible things to chew on (Cassie’s specialty), and a small waterfall with a pool below to cool off in. Yeah, a waterfall.

I think it’s safe to say these dogs are spoiled rotten.

I still have to pinch myself daily that this is the place where I get to go walk my dog. In the sun of May, it is easy to love as everything glows emerald green and a cool breeze off the inlet washes over your face. But even during the bleakest of rains in February, when the park is nearly empty of colour and visitors, it is still remarkable. In fact, it inspired the name of my blog, which is appropriate since most of my blog ‘writing’ happens when I’m walking along its paths with Cassie.


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  1. 1) This looks super sweet. 2) Are those buildings from the future?

  2. Wow, you get the best of both worlds – urban living with plenty of nature in your backyard. I love it! I remember being very impressed with Vancouver’s parks when I visited a couple of years ago.

    • Oh nice! Yes, we do have some other really nice ones, including a couple more great dog parks.

      Shame it rains 9 months of the year.

  3. wow. just… wow. Olive is totally jealous. (As am I.)

  4. That would be the tie-breaker for me too. What a lovely park and view!

  5. It’s purty. Nice place to get your exercise every day, even in the cold!

  6. I am so happy for your park! You guys live in the perfect spot. I can only hope we’re half as lucky when we go house-buying. You know, one day in the far, far future.

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