Getting things done

I had a good evening yesterday. It snowed during the day so when I came home from work, I took Cassie to the dog park to frolic in the snow with all the other dogs who were enamored with the stuff. After a good romp, we headed home to cook dinner/collect dropped bits of dinner. Then I settled on the couch with a glass of wine to watch narrate berate the train-wreck of emotions that is The Bachelor. I have to say that on a scale of one to ten, I freaken love that show.*

Thanks to the early East Coast broadcast, it was done by 8pm and I decided to bring out the sewing machine that I got for Christmas. Earlier in the day I had popped by the fabric store and bought some clearance fabric to make Cassie a cozy little bed. It only took a couple of hours and turned out beautifully if I do say so myself.

 See she likes it! I didn’t even force her to lie down on it and pose or anything!

Don’t worry, this blog hasn’t quite sunk down to the level of me just telling you about my awful television viewing choices and finding any old excuse to slip in a dog photo – yet. No, I’m telling you about my evening because it made me realize that I am finally emerging from the fog of my migraines.

For the past two months, these headaches have descended on me most afternoons. I trudge through the things I absolutely have to do on autopilot – work, taking the dog out, feeding myself – before I can retreat to the couch and stay there, motionless, for the rest of the evening. I have little energy to be creative or social or productive. The dishes are often left undone, meals are left unplanned, and blog posts are left unwritten.

The migraines last just long enough to make me believe that this is actually who I am – this unmotivated, unpleasant, listless blob of a human being.

Last night it dawned on me once again what a different person I am when I feel well. I have energy to do things and the motivation to try. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve not only made dinner but actually enjoyed doing so (partly also due to being told what to make). I’ve taken on projects that I would normally put off until the weekend, or maybe the next one – like making Cassie’s dog bed. We’ve started grocery shopping on Tuesday nights instead of Sunday afternoons to avoid the crowds; we get the whole of Granville Island Market practically to ourselves and it is fast becoming my favourite weeknight. Last Wednesday we had friends over for a game night and I enjoyed it.

I know my headaches will come back. They always do. Until then though, I’m going to get things done. I think we might even finally start some bigger projects.

*Adaptation of an actual line by one of the participants last night. Only the best and brightest!


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  1. I know what you could do with this blog, if you get tired of dog picture posts…BACHELOR RECAPS. I have banned myself from watching this season, so…yeah. You should do that.

    I am so happy you are feeling good, even if it only for moments.

  2. Oh I hope your headaches do not come back in a long while…. Is there anything that helps? Icepacks in your temples (worked for me once), or some painkiller?

  3. Hey lovely! Such a nice surprise to see you’ve updated.

    I’m so glad you’re feeling better. I TOTALLY know what you mean about worrying about being the person you are when you’re unwell, it sucks. (Coincidentally, migraines are my cover illness at my current job for what happens when my Bipolar is mucking up.)

    Hope the migraine monster stays at bay.

    OH MY GOD I AM ON YOUR BLOGROLL! How thrilling! Made my day.

    Your CD should arrive very soon as stuff I posted at the same time has already reached the States.


    • It’s hard not to start believing you are what you do, or in my case, what I don’t do. I guess maybe writing down evidence to the contrary can help you remember.

      And hey, does that mean I’M A BLOGGER TOO??!? SWEET!

      • Hells yes you’re a blogger. And a damn fine one too.

        I will even keep coming back if you talk about The Bachelor. We have a worse-but-equivalent show here called ‘The Farmer Wants A Wife’. At least I think they’re about the same, having not seen either of them.

  4. I enjoyed your post, and I’m happy you’re feeling better, but I’m a little pissed that your headaches are going to come back. WHAT. I would like to punch them on your behalf.

    PS Are you going to unfriend me if I admit I’ve never seen the Bachelor?

    • No. No! God no. In fact my respect for you just went up ten-fold. Help me be like you!

      On second thought I’m really beyond help at this point. Just leave me here to wallow in the filth.

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