Power of Kindness

So there’s this group of brilliant women I know. They are smart, opinionated, ambitious, and funny. I know about their dreams for their lives as well as their fears, and when they’re having a shitty day dealing with their bosses/mothers/dentists/cars. Though they are busy, there is always someone ready to lend an ear or talk it off, whatever the situation calls for. They are exactly the kind of community I’ve always wanted to find.

I only wish I got to meet them too.

I’m talking of course about the loosely defined group of women who gather on Twitter and around various blogs who have assumed the name Nosy Bitches. I can assure you that name is meant to be ironic because we are nothing but unfailingly polite in our enquiries of each other. Let me demonstrate with a (hypothetical) sample conversation:

“How is your dear family? Enjoying the lovely weather?”
“Oh yes, very much. I can’t believe how pleasant it is! And how do you do?”
“Quite well, I do believe I may go for a stroll later.”

Yeah that pretty much captures the gist of it, I think. There is definitely no anonymous account for sex talk or confessions or anything.

So being the lovely, polite people that we are, we decided to exchange gifts this year in the Nosy Bitches Non-Denominational Gift Giver exchange organized by the brilliant Ms. Bunny of Bunnies’n’Beagles. Which was thrilling, because it proved that I’m not making all of you up in my head!

My recipient was Nicole of Grape Soda Kitchen! Doing some internet sleuthing to discover what she might like was a fun little project. I settled on making her some jewelry and was thrilled to hear she liked it and even got to put it to use right away!

Then this morning I checked the mail in my groggy, got-this-cold-just-in-time-for-Christmas state and what do I find but a lovely envelope from Sarah of Inconceivable Life! And the package jingled in my hands as I carried it into the house!

A beautiful ornament – and the card is a magnet!

Sarah sent me a lovely piece of her hometown Tucson: a Ben’s Bell ornament! It’s a beautiful ornament but the message behind it is even more so:

Ben’s Bells are not for sale. They are created by the hands of many and are hung randomly in public places for unsuspecting people to find and take home as a reminder to spread kindness.

This is a Ben’s Bell ornament. It symbolizes the power we each have to change the world by committing to kindness, one interaction at a time. Your purchase allows Ben’s Bells to bring its kindness-spreading programs and activities to more and more people, and the ripple effect will be amazing.

Ornaments have a special place in my heart. Each year since I was a teenager, my mom has given me a beautiful Christmas ornament as a gift. I have garnered a good sized collection now and each year I hang them, I am grateful for this collection of love. This is such a perfect addition to it.

I decided it needed a more prominent place than the tree so I hung it right outside our front door. And since it looks perfect, there it might just stay.

Thank you so much Sarah.


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  1. I am so glad you like it! The Ben’s Bells project embodies so much of the spirit of Tucsonans. Each year, I give the kids ornaments so that they’ll have a nice collection when they are ready to have their own trees. I’m glad to share our tradition.

  2. That’s a SUPER cool ornament!!

  3. Dude, your description of the Nosy Bitches is my favorite ever. Of COURSE we are unfailingly polite! And how would you like your tea, dear?

    LOVE the bell ornament.

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