Yay 30

So I’m 30 today. Yay! Though I have to admit I’m not in my best ‘yay-30’ state of mind.

I’m not having a third-life crisis or anything – the aging part of things is not exactly what has me down. I think I actually hit my noticeable-aging dip back at 25. That’s right around when I stopped being ID’d at the liquor store. Like one day it just stopped – I wondered if my face had actually fallen. It’s also when a slowing metabolism caught up with me and I added a bit of extra padding around the hips and waist, though luckily wedding-induced stress got that totally under control (and only at the price of limiting the enjoyment of my own wedding!). I developed aches where no aches were before and said aches took longer to heal. Dark days they were.

Besides this gradual slide into decrepitude, I’ve managed to keep my body mostly intact. I probably look better now than throughout most of my life, having finally discovered ways to make the best of my flat hair and makeup that doesn’t immediately slick off my face. I’ve also managed to find a pretty good balance of eating well while maintaining my enjoyment of cheese and wine, my face is still more bothered by acne than wrinkles (though having to deal with both absolutely blows), and since I dye my hair, I’m blissfully ignorant of any grey hair.

So aging shmaging I say. Been there done that, ready for more.

It is its closely correlated cousin – the growing up – that has me not quite feeling the ‘yay-30’ at the moment. It reliably causes people to move, build their own families, find busy careers, shift their priorities, and have babies. It’s all just so damn rude.

Last night I found out my two closest friends will not be home for Christmas. It’s the first time in all the years they’ve been living across the country. Even as we all started to drift onto paths that made other visits during the year tougher, I always thought I could count on Christmas as the one time of year we get to cozy up for quality time to reconnect. The realization that this was no longer a given was a real wake-up call.

Things are already changing and we haven’t even introduced the true game-changer into the picture yet. Hint: it poops and screams and leaves your body a fun-house-mirror version of what it used to be. From what I hear at least. And speaking of which, my sister-in-law just announced she’s pregnant (the other already has kids), which just leaves John and I as the targets of all future baby-making questions and rising eyebrows and lets-see-if-she-drinks-wine glances at the dinner table. My response: fingers in ears, la-la-la-la-la-la-la. Oh hand me the wine will you? La-la-la-la-la-la. Yeah, just pass the whole bottle. La-la-la-la-la-la.

All this growing up business means a different landscape on this birthday. My plans to celebrate with my friends, who are spread far and wide living busy lives with their careers and their partners, have thus far not panned out. I am still hoping to head out for a belated dancing night at the end of the month if we can find a weekend that works.

But in the meantime, there was no damn way I was letting this birthday pass by without a party – it’ll just be a very exclusive party of me and John. In Vegas. We’ll be partying it up there by tonight.

Yay 30!


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  1. Happy Birthday and enjoy your party in Vegas!!

    I turned 30 last year, and I know what you mean about things changing. Holidays and new families and shifting priorities. My personality is to resist change so growing up is hard!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Oh I hope you have so much fun in Vegas – so jealous right now!

    My best friend just turned 25 this year and her poor body is falling apart – she had shoulder surgery and knee surgery within the same year and now she’s got some weird numbness in her toes and she threw her back out (!!??). She has me terrified of all that crap (therefore I am 25 and trying to be in better shape than when I was 16 to avoid that whole mess… I think she’s just weird).

  3. Happy birthday! Vegas is going to be awesome!

    I’m not yet 30, but it’s already difficult to get all my friends together in one place. As people married off and moved away and developed busy schedules, even the phone calls became less frequent. Which makes me sad. I should call someone tonight. Thanks for reminding me. :)

  4. Happy Birthday (and Happy Vegas)!

    30 is doable, still young, still plenty of time ahead of you.

  5. Happy 30 th Birthday. Have fun, enjoy, be happy. And by the way I hope you are slowly feeling better than in your last post, that things are settling, that you are finding answers… I am 31 and well, it is strange because in my mind I feel a lot younger than it sounds. -But at the same time there are all those things you mention, friends moving further away, little sister getting married, little sister you know ? She was supposed to stay little.
    But mostly I guess is changes in metabolism and so…
    But like Sarah says we still have plenty of time and it is like now we finally are closing to doing things.

  6. Happy birthday, lovely!! :)

    Growing up is bizarre, and I cling to some childish things, while others shift. Change can suck.

  7. Happy Birthday!! Vegas sounds like a great place to celebrate this milestone – yay 30! (still a bit freaked out, myself – it’s next year…).

  8. Tiny bit belated, but happy birthday! Hope you had a wonderful time in Vegas!

  9. Ahhhhhh I’m so late to this but HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYY!! I hope you guys have an amazing time in Vegas!


    30 is hard, and weird, and an excellent excuse to celebrate for as long as you can drag it out. Welcome!

  11. Happy belated birthday! Hope you are having a good start to your thirties… We are also the only ones among my husband’s siblings to not have babies, and I guess people are probably wondering. The other day at a family gathering, we got asked how many kids we wanted and S said “between zero and one,” haha.

  12. happy happy belated birthday!

  13. Happy birthday!! I hope Vegas is a BLAST.

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