The high road gets more sunshine

So it only took a couple of busy evenings, a full day of running around town picking up supplies, nearly superhuman Tetris-inspired car packing abilities (good thing that’s my specialty), and the grace of someone above in granting us the rarity that is Vancouver sunshine, but I’m happy to report the bachelorette picnic was a great success!

We found a beautiful spot in the park (as long as you overlooked the hippie commune that set up next to us and tried to claim our left-overs), ate lots of yummy food, learned a little more about our friend with my version of the newly-wed game (the only shower-type game I have met that does not cause me uncontrollable eye rolling), jumped for hilarious pictures very cliché-bridal-party-like, and yes, even tanned, sans rash. And despite my tendency to let the pressures of hosting get to me, I actually managed to have a great time myself, which was a lovely bonus.

Best of all, my friend who the party was for absolutely loved it. She called me to thank me again last night and said it was the most perfect bachelorette she could ever have asked for. That completely made it worth every effort. When she delicately asked about the other people who were supposed to help me organize the event, my earlier frustrations had worn off enough that I completely stuck to the high road (ok, a couple of pebbles may have rolled off – totally out of my control).

And now the Week of Crazy (Fun) rolls onward with a bridal shower tonight, another Thursday night, and a wedding Sunday, which coincides with John’s birthday. Probably should celebrate that too, though then again maybe we better not.* (If your name is John and you are married to me – well I guess only one of those conditions was necessary – pretend that asterisk does not exist. Thank you).


*He doesn’t like to talk about it (except this one time of year and whenever anyone asks), but John is a tragic sufferer of Neglected Birthday Syndrome (commonly known as n-BS). He was unlucky enough to not only be born in the summer (!), but also to parents who are highly active in their children’s lives and the community. As a result, they were too busy taking him and his sisters to swim-meets and running the local summer theater in the park to throw him birthday parties. Can you imagine?!? Anyway, nowadays we must keep his birthday celebrations nearly non-existent as he could not possibly handle that kind of stimulation. It would totally shock his system. One balloon at most.


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  1. I am so glad to hear that the BBW went smoothly AND that you were able to relax and have a fun time too ! And hooray for the sunshine :)
    As for the bdays, Mark is the same, he absolutely does not like parties, and fuss, and attention. It is hard to me not to do anything. All he wants is a home baked cake. But I think this year I might put on some decorations, birthdays ARE a big deal (the contrary is a shock for me). But I understand, I try too.

  2. Oh and wedding weekend coming up! Have fun at that too !

  3. I thought people with n-BS were always born around Christmas/New Years or in America, Thanksgiving and Halloween. My Mom said she planned for spring babies so that none of us would have n-BS like she does. Hilarious.

    Also, the high road DOES get more sunshine but sometimes it’s hard to get yer butt up there. :)

  4. haha aw, I’m just like poor John. my brother’s birthday is 5 days before mine, so we had joint parties for his birthday and by the time we got to my actual day, everyone had already celebrated enough.

    Glad to hear the picnic went well! You look relaxed :)

  5. Yay for party going so well! You are amazing. And sticking to the high road, too?!

    I have the same condition. I have six sibs, and we didn’t celebrate birthdays when I was young, because we were poor/too many of us. Now I get all pissy about it when people ask what I want to do, because they should just read my mind and make it magical and no drama. It’s always just another day with drama and the same things my life has.

    The trick is remembering that I quite like my life.

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