My week

  • Monday I got a taste for what it might feel like to have to pay for health care. And I Did. Not. Like. It. Luckily, it was for my dog and even more luckily, it was over a wart* that we are choosing to leave be instead of spend our monthly food budget treating thankyouverymuch. But seeing that cost estimate still made me want to hurl, which only serves to emphasize how ludicrous it is to force people to choose between their health and their wealth. I dealt with that choice by pouring myself a drink and pretending it didn’t exist (the choice not the drink, the drink I did not lose sight of). Clearly, I would do not well in the United States.
  • Tuesday I decided it would be a good idea for me to get some colour on my skin in preparation for the various social events I will be attending starting this Saturday. Since the sun is currently too busy roasting other parts of this continent to bother showing up here, this colour was going to have to come out of a bottle. I found a Nivea self tanning moisturizer under my sink and after a thorough exfoliation, really slathered that stuff on. Anyone else hate that self-tanner smell? It drives me crazy, but I was willing to put up with it to look like I didn’t just step fresh out of January. Well now I am covered in something all right, but a golden hue it is not. More like endless tiny itchy red bumps. Highly attractive. Now I just look like I stepped fresh out of an ant hill.

Picture this, except without the tan and with red bumps all over (via we heart it).

  • Wednesday we got our SPUD box. This is sort of like a fancy version of a CSA box, in that it is a box of (mostly local) vegetables and fruit that shows up at our door once a week, however it comes all year and we get to actually pick what we get. We are lazy, so we love it. In it arrived these alien looking mushrooms called morels that I’ve never tried before. Wild mushrooms! Time to pretend I am Very Fancy. I looked up a wild mushroom risotto recipe and got to cooking up a storm. Luckily, the recipe called for wine, which means I had to open a bottle, which means we had to drink the rest of that bottle. It was delicious with our Very Fancy Wild Mushroom Risotto (or as John said “mushrooms in rice”). Yay for Hump-day turned into make-believe Friday!

Morels (through google images, original source highly unclear).

  • Today, I woke up to the rash having spread. It started off just on my neck and chest, but is now all over my arms and legs as well. And I have the constant urge to claw at everything on my body. That’s the worst thing about a desk job – any discomfort you have becomes amplified as you have no other physical sensations to distract you. I think I might have to run to the drug store and get me some anti-itch type lotion. And maybe a coffee at the same time. You know, since I’m already out there.

All in all, it has felt like a looong week. I’m ready for the weekend to arrive, especially now that I actually feel like I have the Sunday BBQ mostly under control. I just hope the rash settles down by then.

* She has a papilloma in her ear, which is basically a type of wart. It is big, it looks like a brain, and it is highly disgusting. Like the human version, apparently they are quite common and do go away on their own eventually, but somehow the vet managed to scare me into thinking it must be removed OR ELSE. Thankfully John is not as impressionable as me. It’s a WART.


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  1. Damn, I was all set to congratulate you on those unbelievable gams.

    However, I was all set to hate you a little bit too, so be a little glad it didn’t work out perfectly :)

    Happy scratching!

  2. Glad to hear the BBQ is kind of under control ! I hope the wart (papilloma) will heal itself soon. Do keep an eye on it, that it does not get infected. Your risotto sounds delicious. And I hope your rash goes away, maybe a cream with hydrocortisone or something like Caladryl if you have it there?

    • oh that’s right, you’re a vet! We are treating her with some antibiotics right now since the vet thought her ear looked infected. As long as it doesn’t seem to get worse after we go through the antibiotics and she doesn’t seem bothered by it, are we being terrible doggie-parents by leaving it for a bit? The vet wants to actually put her under general anesthesia to remove it surgically, and that just seems like overkill to me.

  3. How old is your dog ? It often affects realatively “young” dogs whose immune system is still developing. As they grow, she should be able to fight it by herself though it may take months. In very rare cases, they can become malign and that is the danger, aside from an infection (that if left untreated, and so close to the ear, can worsen and worsen, and be harder to treat and also painful).
    In summary, for now, leave it, and see how it evolves. Control the infection, and hopefully it will get better. I don´t think you are being terrible doggie parents… just don´t leave it unattended.

    • She is only 10 months old so it makes sense. And maybe it’s just hopeful thinking, but we think it might be going away already. Thank you!

  4. my only advice is to keep drinking until you and your puppy are all better

  5. Oooh I’m jealous of your produce box. :) So sorry for the rash. I am weirded out by the smell of self-tanner, but I’ve never had that reaction.

    I think the States are stupid about many of their social policies.

  6. Oh, honey. So much awesome in this post and so much ugh.

    ONE, it’s party day, so I really really hope that’s going off well. In fact, I know it will — I just hope it is doing so without causing too much stress.

    TWO, oh noes, rash! I hope it died down. I have a weather app on my phone and Vancouver is one of the cities I track, and I see it’s supposed to be sunny and in the 70s there today. I suppose if the self-tanner didn’t work then today the sun will.

    THREE, mmm, mushrooms.


    I hope the pup gets better soon!

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