True to name

The Sunshine Coast was even more glorious than we could have ever dared hope for because for once it was actually basked in sunshine! Yes, summer finally made a much needed appearance – here’s hoping it stays a while. And that house! Those pictures did not lie! The ocean was at our front door – quite literally when the tide came up. We had a 180 degree view of the ocean and at night we fell asleep to the crashing of waves. I’ve never stayed anywhere quite like it.

Unfortunately it also had the fairly unique quality of a kitchen that smelled like a urinal. Quite literally – we are thinking their septic system was experiencing technical difficulties. Luckily we were outside most of the time and honestly with that view, I probably wouldn’t have minded if the kitchen actually was a urinal.

Our days centered on food and drink, with the necessary down-times filled with lounging on the deck, lounging in the hot-tub, and lounging on the couch watching hilarious 90’s movies on VHS on a TV the size of a postage stamp. Oh and I suppose we also made it out to a farmer’s market and a couple of little hikes. You know, just to speed up digestion so we could get back to consuming more food and drink.


Cassie also had a fantastic time, as she was able to meander around the property and the beach on her own. This is a new luxury to her, though it was not without its challenges. On the first night, we spotted a group of otters in the ocean and watched them swim back and forth for a while – John and I with great excitement, Cassie with deep-seated terror. Apparently her doggie brain categorized the otters as Ominous Ocean Monsters, causing her to spend the whole rest of the night pacing around the house and patio, vigilantly guarding the ocean.

Cassie on guard for Ocean Monsters

Besides a nice way to celebrate our anniversary, this trip was also a much needed shake up from our routine. In the last few months we had gotten routine down to an art. In our attempts to be good with our money and also not ditch our dog too much in the evenings, we have begun trading restaurants and other gatherings where we might interact with other humans for the couch and take-out way too often. We have taken ‘cozy’ and ‘practical’ to a place that should be reserved for new parents and perhaps limited-income retirees.

Inspired by our trip, tonight we packed up our dinner in some tupperware and took it to a park we’d never been to before. After we finished eating, Cassie got to go for a swim in the little pond. Apparently you can break up a routine without also breaking the bank or your dog’s heart. Might just be the high from the first few days of sunshine talking, but I’m determined to leave my house on a weeknight again later this summer. (Hey, I didn’t say we were going to become exciting or anything.)

And just because I can’t get enough, here are some more pictures. And yes, please come visit BC anytime!


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  1. Yes. Sufficiently jealous. Glad that your vacation was amazing.

  2. This looks SO SO SO beautiful!! Happy anniversary late!


  3. Looks like a great anniversary! I just wrapped up a bottle of our wedding wine to open on Year 1 :)

  4. yep, it worked! super jealous nowww! but I’m glad you got to take this trip, what a great way to celebrate your anniversary. also your dog is adorable. we are in the same boat, with the money saving and the dog tending keeping us in most nights. taking dinner to a park is such a fabulous idea! but how did you keep the bugs away..?? they’re so gross around here..

    • It sounds so silly to say you’re staying home because of the dog, but when she’s been home most of the day alone I just don’t have the heart to leave her again unless I absolutely have to.

      Bug situation is not bad around the city, though we did bring back quite a few bites from the trip. Awful, red, super itchy ones that I’m dying to claw at!

  5. oh man that sounds amazing – so glad you were able to bring Cassie!

  6. J.e.a.l.o.u.s.
    Looks like a fantastic trip!
    I want to visit BC (again!)
    Or… y’know… move there.
    I can’t imagine what Mallei would do when faced with otters…
    or like… racoons… or squirrels… or anything, really. But then, I guess he’d see a Kangaroo and know what that’s all about, where it might explode Cassie’s brain. ;)

  7. Happy anniversary you two! That rental house looks AMAZING. Except for the urinal smell.

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