In lieu of something useful

Yesterday, John was out for the evening and I had every intention of settling in at the laptop to write a thorough and informative review of my e-reader for all of you. Yes, thanks to your many glowing reviews I did buy myself one! But because I decided to be completely self-indulgent instead, you’ll just have to hold tight for that review.

For some reason when I get an evening to myself, it becomes an excuse to indulge every random whim, which in this case consisted of a mid-week martini (I mixed up peach vodka with iced white tea and it turned out to be deliciously refreshing!), crappy television (‘I didn’t know I was pregnant’ followed by ‘America’s Got Talent’ but I really had no patience for that and ended up on blogs instead),  and unhealthy food (Amy’s cute bunny mac and cheese).

I also went on a meandering walk in the park with Cassie, and just because it looked nice, I flopped onto the grass and lay there for a while while Cassie contentedly chewed on a stick. This is very unlike me. (Enough so that I dug my cellphone out of my back pocket and took a picture.) Vancouver has had one of the coldest and wettest springs on record, so any bit of sun on my skin feels like being kissed by puppies (it doesn’t really, that’s just the best thing I can think of). Thank you Cassie for giving me the excuse to lie in the park on a Wednesday afternoon.*

There is no particular logic to why I need John to be absent for permission to be a self indulgent blob – he would love me to be a self-indulgent blob! – but my advanced guilt complex would never allow me to do this habitually. John’s absence just makes the evening out-of-the-routine, and therefore I can indulge without worrying that I’m slowly slipping into sloth-dom for real.

You know what else is good for that? Vacations!

Next Sunday (July 3rd) will mark one year since the day John and I said our vows in front of our family and friends in Vanier Park. Wow, time flies. On a plane. I honestly have no idea how a year already flew by but if it gives us an excuse for a mini-break, I’ll take it! (I’ll also take any excuse to use the phrase ‘mini-break.’)

Despite the frustrations of finding an affordable yet gorgeous house on the water, with a hot-tub, that allowed dogs, and getting about 236 No’s in response, we finally succeeded**! This is where we will be next weekend for three glorious days (it is on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, about a 40 min ferry ride north of Vancouver):

Impressive amounts of wine and cheese will be consumed on that patio. Assuming of course the weather holds out. Otherwise, change that to ‘impressive amounts of wine and cheese will be consumed in that kitchen.’

*Though Cassie, it appears you may misunderstand my preferred timing for these walks. For example, at 4am on Thursday morning is NOT prime time for a meander through the neighbourhood. Though I must say, thanks to you I did learn that birds at that time make some really interesting and vaguely sexual-sounding screetching noises. Yes, Cassie had an upset stomach last night so both John and I got to take turns walking her in the middle of the night. In the approximately half an hour I spent waiting for her to finish eating grass, I learned I will probably not be a good parent.

**Ok, it wasn’t exactly as affordable as we had hoped but something had to give and it wasn’t going to be the hot tub. And at this point we were thinking we might have to settle for a tent if we wanted to be anywhere near the water.


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  1. I think you’re staying in my dream home…

  2. that looks AMAZING! and sun on my skin feels like puppy kisses too – what a perfect analogy

  3. holyyyyyyyyyyyy crap. you just stole that vacation from my DREAMS. THIEF!! haha. seriously have a great time, and a happy anniversary!!

    also I do the same thing, when zach is out! I always think I’m going to get stuff done (like blog posts), but I end up making a martini and either watching bad TV or playing some dumb game on my phone. this exact thing happened last night! well, sans martini unfortunately. but yeah.

  4. I’m always like that too. Now for example. On that one night every couple of weeks when I get the house to myself, I am not usually productive, and instead watch tv, read some magazines and catch up on the blogs. Laundry be damned. Speaking of damn: damn if that isn’t a lovely vacation spot! Is the Sunshine Coast that spot near Vancouver island where the water gets all warm and toasty, or is it just freakin’ gorgeous and perfect for the consumption of wine and cheese?

    • The Sunshine Coast is a (ironically named) strip on the BC mainland that is still best accessed by ferry to avoid a really long drive. We’ve only discovered in recent years what a great weekend spot it is – much quicker to get to than Vancouver Island, but makes you feel like you are there.

  5. Wow, that place looks amazing! Have a fantastic mini-vacation!

    I totally do the same thing when Cam leaves – it all starts with sitting on the couch overwhelmed with all the options I have to amuse myself, and then I inevitably turn on a movie and eat junk and watch crap tv. Most of which are things Cam tries to get me to do on a regular basis and I try to avoid. I think you are right that its the out-of-routine-ness that is key.

    • Hah, exactly! You start off thinking you have infinite possibilities for fun… and then end up being a blob. Until the next time that is, then you’ll really rip it up! riiiight

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