Trading spaces might be easier

From the moment we moved into our home nearly two years ago we have been wanting to renovate our en-suite bathroom. It is most definitely outdated, but more concerning than the visual assault is the strange, slightly moldy smell that emanates from there whenever the floor gets wet. It creeps us out so we don’t wash the floors much in there. (Yeah, that’s definitely the reason.)

For a long time we’ve had good excuses to put off this project. When we first moved in, we were quite depleted in funds from all that inconvenient down-payment business. Then we threw a really big party.  And then we spent six uninterrupted months babbling incoherently at our adorable puppy at home while saving to pay off a family loan, which we did last month.

And just like that, we’re fresh out of excuses.

In theory we are ready to start. We’ve got a good idea of what we want to do, though nothing is set in stone as we’re not entirely sure what we’ll find under the existing fixtures (fingers crossed for no dead bodies).

This is what it looks like currently. Somehow the lighting turned out a bit too flattering – I’m looking at this thinking ‘I kinda like that bathroom’ – but trust me, it’s grungy when you get up close.

Note the beautiful blue accent tiles and the vanity detailing work of Cassie:

And here is the highly suspect shower, the floor of which is just barely hanging onto some grout. We are really scared of what we’ll find under that. In this case a dead body might be preferable to the giant, toxic, mutant mold monster that I think might come out of the drain, very Lost-like. (Note to self: get bag of ashes ready.)

Meanwhile right behind me…

Were you chewing on the foam from your bed Cassie? Be honest….

The problem now is we have no idea how to actually start. We have done smaller projects around here, but this, this requires dismantling an entire room. A rather important room.* Do we literally just go in there one morning with a sledgehammer and have at it? Seems like there should be something more orchestrated going on.

Luckily we are not quite as helpless as we look; we have family with serious renovation experience. So step one is luring them with offers of drink and food to come over and tell us what to do.

Step two is getting them to help us do it.

If you have any brilliant bathroom reno-advice, please tell me! I really don’t want to have to learn my own lessons the hard way. Because it may or may not resemble this.

*Especially to me, as I have had to wake up to pee practically every night since I was like 20. Don’t worry, we do have another bathroom – bedpans are not currently under serious consideration.


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  1. My bathroom reno-advice is two fold: 1) read Young House Love. They’ve done this. 2) Expect it to take waaay longer than you think it will. Have a backup bathroom in the process.

  2. Agree with Jo! Everything takes longer than you think. Go classic with the design (tile, fixtures) and have more fun with the accessories.

  3. I hear you, friend. I sometimes have to get up TWICE in one night to pee. I take this as a sign I’m well-hydrated?

    I unfortunately have zero in the way of actual advice on bathroom renovation. So my only suggestion is this: make sure to keep track of time during renovation work so you don’t miss any Stanley Cup games. Oh, and have plenty of booze on hand.

    Cassie is so BIG now!

  4. Oh, bathrooms are hard. We redid ours — the floor only though. It was, horror of all horrors, carpeted. We switched it out for this fake wood vinyl stuff and it looks … decent but not great. Which is all to say that I am of little/no help to you :)

  5. best of luck with the bathroom, we are in the midst of planning on finishing the unfinished upstairs one. hopefully no monsters! also, the look on your dog’s face is priceless, I love it.

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