Along with the husband, housewares, and oodles of photographs, I also took away some unexpected things from our wedding. One you’re already aware of: this blog. I, like apparently many others, discovered this blogging community of smart women when I was desperately searching for a dose of rationality and humour amongst the Knot’s of wedding planning. Eventually I started blogging myself, something I still wouldn’t believe if it wasn’t for my face appearing on the ‘about’ page and these posts that keep popping up are carefully written by me.

The other pursuit inspired by the wedding is perhaps even more random and unexpected: I’m making wedding jewelry. Who says getting married doesn’t change anything? Except I tend to go about my life in such a matter-of-fact way that I have barely even stopped to acknowledge that my new pursuits are a pretty major shift for me: I’m now spending evenings creating things. I’m finally feeding a side of myself that has lain dormant for far too many years.

My story is pretty typical of people who discover (or in my case re-discover) their hidden talents during wedding planning. Cheapness and picky-ness (hours spent searching Etsy anyone?) inspired me to make my own wedding jewelry. I didn’t think much of it, as I’ve been making jewelry on an as-needed basis since grade seven when one of my new Canadian friends taught me the basics. This new friend has since transformed into my old friend, who was the MC at our wedding, but I digress. The point is, jewelry-making was just something I did with my friends after school. And I still pretty much think this.

But my cousin-in-law didn’t dismiss it as a child’s hobby; she couldn’t stop gushing over the earrings and bracelet I made. This is my cousin-in-law who owns a beautiful wedding dress store filled with her own line of effortlessly elegant dresses called Something Blue (recently in Brides magazine, Martha Stewart weddings and others). She made my wedding dress with such care and perfection that the only time I actually still long to be a bride is when I step into her store with its impossibly high ceilings, blue velvet curtains, and the racks of floaty white silk.*

Well luckily I now have a reason to keep going back. Last fall, after I recovered from the wedding, she asked me if I would design a piece of jewelry to hang at the back of a very slinky backless dress they make. She had been wanting to offer something like it for a while. I went and splurged on supplies and spent many hours playing around until I put together something that really worked.

Since then I’ve also made earrings and bracelets, very much like the ones I wore myself. Now that I’m getting more comfortable I will try to venture out a bit with design, but like their dresses, I’ll keep everything light and airy. Luckily the clear crystals that I use catch the light beautifully and need very little help from me to look good.

It took a few months of twisting wire to make enough pieces to cover my original investment in materials. The last cheque I got was my first actual profit. I’ve decided to put it aside for a new laptop fund – I’ve set my sights on a MacBook Air so I’ve got a lot more jewelry to sell. Luckily it’s wedding season. And luckily I don’t really mind if it takes a while.

I’m not really looking to take my little venture online at this point, but I know a few of you will soon be walking down the aisle. And since you’re reading this blog, I also know you’re absolutely awesome. So if you’re still looking for jewelry and think you might like something like this, contact me (in the comments or greyandshiny (at) gmail (dot) com) and we’ll chat. I would be happy to make something for you for the price of postage and materials (just don’t tell the paying customers).

Photos: First three by Jennifer Echols Photography, bottom three by me.

* I also hope to run into a Canucks-wife – she has made many of their dresses – who then might invite me to their house for dinner. Eeeek! A girl can dream right?


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  1. These are so beautiful! I think it’s amazing that you are actually *making stuff* – I feel like our wedding was such a shift for me in that way too, it brought out so much creativity in me that I don’t want to let go. At the moment the only DIY activity on the horizon is spraypainting a vase (what? It will totally work, ok?) but it’s nice to feel like there is always the possibility of creativity.

  2. Nina! You MADE all that?!? Holy flurking schnizzballs!!!

    You’re like the layers of an artichoke — peel one back and there’s science! Peel another and there’s writing! Peel another and there’s craftiness!

    Also, I think the possibility of meeting a Canucks wife is a serious enough reason to continue pursuing this endeavor.

  3. how awesome! congrats on the new venture! your work is beautiful

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