I’ve just learned Canada Post hates all mothers. Go ahead, tell your friends.* Like the good daughter that I am, a week before Mother’s Day I dropped a pink envelope with my lovingly handcrafted (ok hand-purchased) card into the mailbox to begin its cross-ocean journey to my mother. I was cutting it a bit close so I wasn’t surprised when it didn’t get there on time, but when it still hadn’t arrived last week my mom and I wrote it off as lost.

Then this past Friday it showed up in my mailbox with the obnoxious note that it was returned due to insufficient postage. I had used a stamp from last year’s wedding stash as I had no idea postage stamp inflation was so out of control. Ok so I was short five cents, but really Canada Post, you would deny a mother her Mother’s Day card from across the ocean for a nickel??

You better believe I’ll remember this.

Oh yes, next time I mail a letter to my mom I’ll remember to check that I have sufficient postage.

Luckily things turned around for the better… at the liquor store. I’m really not a fan of beer, but I’m nothing if not persistent when it comes to alcohol. So for the last few years, I have been sampling various beers to find ones that didn’t make me shudder and finally hit the jackpot two summers ago when I discovered a local brewer’s summer special: Raspberry Wheat Ale. I had narrowed down wheat ales as my favourite for being low on hops and high on lemon wedge acceptability – but this was a wheat ale above all others. It is by no means sweet, but has the slightest aftertaste of raspberry. And it is pink. The crowning glory is that it also comes with a generous serving of local-cred – it is literally brewed and sold a 10-minute walk from my house. Total. Score.

Unfortunately, locally produced also equals limited supply. Very limited. For the last two summers I have had to stalk down their store throughout August to get my hands on a stash before it sold out and then ration it out for the rest of patio weather.

Until now. Last weekend on approximately our 27th trip for play-off refreshments, we spotted a pink box at the liquor store: False Creek Raspberry Ale. Cue chorus of singing angels. It is still a seasonal offering, but now brewed in large enough batches to make it out to the regular liquor stores. Sure it loses some of its glorious small-batch, local-production cred, but I’m ok with that – because this mass-brewed goodness is about to be in my glass now. And hey, they named it after my neighbourhood so I can still pretend it’s local.

“It’s good to be here.” That glass knows what it’s talking about.

Now if only they had done this a year ago when I really, really, really wanted to serve pink beer at our wedding. Inconsiderate bastards. But more importantly – I love you! Thank you so much!

*Just don’t mention I told you, cause it employs some people I know.


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  1. MY FRIENDS HAVE BEEN TOLD. Canada Post has lost my trust before they even had a chance to earn it!

    EEEEEEEE that glass is bringing back memories.

    I’m glad you stocked up. You’ll need all the pink beer you can get during the FINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. YAY for the delicious beer!

    I feel like the post office is unaware that they hold our hearts and relationships, our futures, in their hands. Some of them know, some of them don’t.

  3. I am a beer girl, through-and-through, but I particularly love a raspberry ale. I had a bartender mix a raspberry ale with a dark porter one time (I was afraid of the porter by itself) and it was this delicious, chocolatey-raspberry drink

    (he called it “sexual chocolate” but I wouldn’t recommend just ordering that haha)

    • Oh that’s a fun idea! John sometimes buys dark porters so maybe I’ll try mixing that up myself, though I’m quite positive he’ll think I’m crazy, at least until I call it sexual chocolate.

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