Just dance, it’ll be ok

I follow lots of things in life – blogs, politics, the Daily Show, the Canucks, Bachelor/ette, John’s play-off beard growth*, my dog to see what she’s destroyed now, sales at Jacob etc. so something’s gotta give. For me it’s music; I am quite simply out of the loop. So the first time I was really introduced to the uniquely consonant-loving artistry of Lady Gaga was July of last summer. July 3rd to be precise.

I was in the front seat of a car, half-sitting/half lying-down to keep my wedding dress from wrinkling with my three bridesmaids packed in the back and my MC behind the wheel. We were on our way to the beach for the ‘first-look’ and photos when Lady Gaga’s Poker Face came on the radio. I didn’t know the song, but it generated some excitement from the others and I was desperate for an outlet to keep from imploding out of anxiety – and so, packed together with our dresses and our stresses, we danced.  For a few precious minutes it was just me and my best friends, being silly in a car.

Much later, after nearly everything had been said and done, I heard Poker Face again at the reception. This time I recognized the song instantly and had to laugh out of relief and gratefulness for everything that had happened since that car ride. I had an extra ring on my finger but I was surrounded by the same people, plus many more, and once again danced my heart out. One of my friends, who I never took for a Lady Gaga fan or a dancer, even had an awesome poker-dealing dance-move that totally cracked me up. The song is quite simply begging for silliness.

And that is how Lady Gaga’s Poker Face became inextricably tied to my wedding memories.

Not our first dance song or any of the other lovely, romantic songs that I carefully picked out for our wedding. Nope, Lady Gaga. I guess luck and intuition play the cards. Or something. The lyrics really make no sense.
*Current status: just passing out of the phase where he could still be the gruff guy in a Levi’s commercial and heading into old trucker territory.


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  1. sigh. not that my husband can even grow a beard if he wanted to (his face refuses), but if he COULD, pretty sure he would be about to shave it off. caps are crumbling. well I should say, the Caps crumble is almost complete. I will be switching my allegiance to the Canucks for the rest of the playoffs..! OH MY GOSHHHHHHHHHH. as i’m typing this tampa bay scored AGAIN. now it’s 2-5, 3 mins left. :(((((((((((((((((((((((

    anyway! since the post was not really AT ALL about hockey, my real comment: that is a really sweet story. It is funny how music works like that. the mental image of you and your best friends rocking out in the car in all your finery, is so fun, I will be thinking of you next time I hear that song!

    (OOH we just scored 3-5 now. 2 minutes, 2 more scores?? maybe??)

  2. Aw. This was really touching, and not at all what I expected from a Lady Gaga post :)

    I love this. And I NEED TO KNOW how that card-dealing dance goes. For real.

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