Aahhh…. That. Was. Glorious. The first long weekend since Christmas! How are we allowed to go that long without a holiday in Canada?!? I didn’t even realize how starved I was for a break until it arrived and it felt like heaven wrapped in cheese, dipped in fine wine.

Yes, apparently it turns out I was also starved for food. Good food. Not weeknight dig-something-out-of-the-freezer kind of food, but glorious, rich food eaten at the table, with napkins, and wine that we didn’t bottle ourselves. Over the weekend we made stuffed peppers, fresh sockeye salmon with a maple glaze, spring salads with strawberries, ate an entire block of fantastic local cheese, and went through a couple of bottles of the BC wine we bought last summer on a camping trip.

I really wish I had taken photos, but at the time I was way too busy shoving said food into my mouth to stop.

We also worked on getting our little back patio ready for spring. We powerwashed away the moss that had grown to cover it in the winter and planted some flowers to make it a little more inviting. Our patio faces north and the building blocks out basically all the sunlight, so it’s a bit dark and stays cool throughout the summer. It can be nice on those rare days when it’s actually hot here, but most of the time I end up covered in goosebumps and am quickly beckoned back inside by the warmth. I would love to have one of those outdoor heat lamps, but could not justify using that much energy just so I can be a touch more comfortable.

So instead, we are aiming to make it look pretty enough that we’ll be motivated to sit out there even if it requires a sweater. So far we’ve planted flowers and bought a little portable iPod-dock for music. Still need to clear away some crap and put up some pretty strings of lights, and I think we’ll be well on our way.

As you may have noticed – and if you haven’t you need to click through from your RSS reader – my other project this weekend was a blog make-over. Do you like it?

When I first got the blog going, it was like a secret mission – I told no one because I wasn’t entirely sure I wanted to be doing it. I was pretty sure I had no business pretending to have things to say, let along things other people might want to read. No, there was too much risk of failure and looking like a fool.

But one day, after pondering about starting a blog for months and giving myself a thousand good reasons why I shouldn’t bother, I was stuck at home with a cold and nothing good on TV, so I finally went to WordPress. Figured I could blame it on cold-meds. I even downloaded Gimp and somehow fumbled through it enough to make my own little header. I picked a name and a WordPress blog-theme with less thought than I normally devote to picking what to order in a restaurant. I realized if I didn’t, I would be paralyzed by indecision and never actually get to writing anything.

A couple of weeks later I finally admitted my little dalliance with blogging to John. I was surprisingly nervous telling him; I really was stepping out on a limb into someting totally different for me. To my relief, he was really supportive and proud, and quite liked the look of what I had put together. He knows interwebby-stuffs so this meant a lot. I had my first reader.

Since those early days I wouldn’t say I’ve totally gotten over my blog-reluctance. I’m still finding my footing here. But I did realize that it’s been a few months and I’m still here and I just could not keep going with that annoyingly tiny font and the squished looking space. I’ve outgrown that.

I’ve also outgrown my blog-shame, so this time I got John to help me. I narrowed down the options I liked on WordPress and he helped me make it look good.

How’d we do?


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  1. oooh I like the new look! also I am sorry this was your first break since christmas, that does seem criminal. though I’m still jealous you Had a long weekend for easter (assuming that’s what the long weekend was for?), it’s not a federal holiday in the us. BUT we got a day off in Jan and Feb so we’re ok. I GUESS.

    • Seriously? yeah I figured something was up when I saw that my google reader was totally loaded up with unread stuff – apparently everyone else was going about their business as usual. Here it’s not just any old long weekend – for many of us it’s a FOUR day weekend.

      • Buahaha, we got a 5 day weekend. ;)
        The new layout is nice and clean!
        Also your dog is wooly, and adorable.

  2. Looking very good indeed! And the dinner you made had me drooling.

  3. Nina! I love it! What a sweet job. And I’m glad you got that much-needed downtime.

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