On the Dog Whisperer last week we heard a dog described as having an ‘old soul.’ I know exactly what people are referring to when they say this: I’ve met those dogs with bottomless eyes that appear to hold the secrets to the entire universe.

I considered the age of Cassie’s soul and decided it would best be described as ‘fetal.’ Her eyes don’t have room for the secrets of the universe because they are always filled to the brim with the current momen… oh my god is that a falling leaf!!?! I must have it!!

Right now she is sleeping next to me with her muscles twitching like crazy – after watching the sequence for a while, the movement traveling from her body to her feet, I’ve decided she’s running.

She must’ve heard about the leaf.

One of the ways I know she probably doesn’t hold all the secrets of the universe is that she seems rather baffled by every day natural phenomena. Take wind: when it’s blowing enough to part through her masses of long fleecy fur she whips her head in the direction it’s coming from ready to show the offending party she is not impressed that her sniffing was interrupted. Ok you sneak, you got away that time… how about now?!? Darn you ARE fast… ok NOW!! She snaps at the air for a bit until she has to admit defeat… for now. Repeat with the next gust of wind.

One of her favourite things outdoors is pine cones, the little round ones. When she spots one, she excitedly runs up to it, usually causing it roll along the ground for a bit. I think she believes it’s moving on its own because she chases it down with more energy than I devote to anything in my life, ever.

The only thing better than a pine cone is a champagne cork. I know what you’re thinking: champagne cork? Are you taking walks through Lindsay Lohan’s apartment? Generally not, just in our relatively quiet neighbourhood – which is why in the last few months I’ve come to believe that champagne corks are just a rare plant, perhaps a mushroom type, that thrive in urban areas with the unique PH balance maintained by car exhaust, littered Starbucks cups (which she also loves) and dog poop.

I came to this conclusion around the 5th or 6th champagne cork that Cassie collected in a one block radius from our house. She is drawn to them like a pig to truffle, and finds them from the deepest depths of bushes and the heaviest of undergrowth. Once she has one, she proudly carries it around, parading her treasure to the world until… oh my god is that a falling leaf?!!? I must have it!!

Yes, I would like to say our dog is wise – but that would be a lie. She sure is cute though.


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  1. ohhh she is adorable!! I bet she is really soft. I would like to kiss her little head.

    sometimes I think i see a flicker of old wisdom in my dog’s eyes, but then he does something really silly and I wonder if he’s even all right in the head. but with him and the wind, he usually stands there very still and sniffs into it for a few minutes, kind of looks like he’s divining the secrets of the future or something.. dog dreaming KILLS me. brady will whimper-bark while all his limbs are convulsing, it’s the cutest thing. except at 3am.

    • love this “I wonder if he’s even all right in the head”

      I do too when Cassie licks the couch with no discernible reason why (cause I guess there might be a reason to lick the couch)

  2. oh wow, what a cutie! Our dog is a licker too – what’s this? better taste it and find out!

  3. I love animal stories! And I loved this description of Cassie. Has she been through a fall yet? Or will that just blow her little puppy mind with all the falling leaves all the time?
    Does she get fascinated by noises? As a pup, I used to make a ton of silly noises for Mallei, which he’d go crazy about (ie: tackle me, lick me). Now, he’s completely de-sensitized and has spoiled all my fun cos no noise is silly enough to get him interested any more.
    Also, do you guys get big flies up there very much? We have many flies. Flies are like the wind but with actual moving targets that buzz. I think she would enjoy snapping at flies. ;)

    • definitely loves noises. John does a wookie-type noise that gets her SO riled up, it’s hilarious! Hopefully it’s not a phase. Though I’m hoping her leaf-obsession will be over by the time fall comes around cause that’s going to get annoying fast…

  4. The photo of the book cracks me up and makes me think of the cocker spaniel I had as a kid.

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