Please don’t report me

Generally John and I both enjoy walking the dog. It is built-in time to go outside, enjoy the beautiful area we live in, meet our neighbours, perhaps catch a lovely sunrise or sunset. John does the morning walk, I get the afternoon. The only unsettled and frankly unwanted walk is the late evening. It is only after we are both groggy and ready for bed that the decision gets made on who goes. John tends to do it most of the time (because I get groggy earlier) but I try to make sure I do my share.

There is one upside to the night-time walk: I get to indulge my little peeping tom habit. Except I’m not particularly interested in people – if I see any I quickly look away – I’m interested in their homes.

Since getting Cassie and walking the streets of this neighbourhood thoroughly, I am convinced it is one of the most unique collections of town-homes and apartments in the city, though at first glance it appears pretty monotonous. The area is made up almost completely of two-or three-story buildings built in the late eighties. It appeared to be a time of some serious creativity, because the variety in shape and design is pretty surprising.

It helps that we are on a really steep hill, which forces you to think outside the box. Literally. The buildings can’t be typical box-shapes, instead they are angled into the hill with interesting courtyards and patios built to sneak in glimpses of the gorgeous views wherever they can. Our home actually has two ground level entrances on separate floors because of this steep hill.

The hill also means that walking along street level, along with a good butt workout, I often get glimpses of rambling courtyards with fountains, pretty benches overlooking the view, barely visible doors to cozy looking basement suites, and little creative businesses covered in ivy built into the bottom floors of buildings.

At night though, I’m on the lookout for the yellowish glow of uncovered windows. I love catching a glimpse of someone’s kitchen table, piled high with mail and other bits of life. Seems like such an intimate little snap-shot.

My favourite are unique spaces, maybe with gigantic arched ceilings, bright splashes of colour, or this entire room of painted glass – can you imagine being inside it on a sunny day?

Still the best was an open-concept home that appeared to have a brick wall with a glass garage-door (the kind that you see on the front of some restaurants) – but inside the home! Hard to describe but I swear it seemed amazing. I only saw that once and have been hoping to catch another glimpse since to convince myself it wasn’t just a beautiful dream.

This needs to be in a living room (Image from

In another life I might have been a designer of some kind, but in this one I’ll satisfy myself with late-night lurking under the guise of walking the dog.


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  1. OH MY! You live in a crazy beautiful area! Slightly jealous, I love all that unique-ness. And this is exactly why I want to get a dog–I want the excuse to walk. A creepy girl alone is just not the same.

    • Yeah it’s really pretty nice. I’m trying to soak it in while I can, cause if we have kiddies we probably couldn’t afford to get a place big enough in the area.

  2. Oh, that is awesome. I love doing the same kinds of things. I get so energized when I’m visiting cities and I can see an abundance of different things in a small area. I adore these quiet moments.

    • I tend to rush when I’m walking, with my headphones in and my mind out, but with Cassie sniffing everything I’ve been forced to slow down. Now I actually find myself stopping to just sit on a bench for a couple of minutes. Very unlike me.

  3. I am a little bit of a house peeping tom too. I love seeing how people live and getting ideas from what I see on walks too.

    • Sometimes I’m tempted to go into open houses for the same reason but have thus far resisted, mostly because I think the realtor would take one look at me and know I was a total fraud.

  4. Haha! I do this too. The key to stealth is sunglasses. They are also the key to staring at people on the street.

    In less creepy-sounding commentary, your pasttime will be even more fun around the holidays. I love seeing how people decorate their homes!

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