I had bread, I had cheese, and I had an iron. What was I supposed to do?

It’s my turn to be busy at work this week, and for a couple more weeks after that actually. I’m trying to prepare two abstracts to submit to the main conference in my field, which just happens to be in Barcelona this year. Barcelona Spain. But of course it’s just about the science, exchanging ideas and whatnot, really it is.  Submitting abstracts is the first of many steps – whether I’ll get to actually go will be up to the powers above who would be funding this travel.

My point is that I’ve had very little time and brain power left at the end of the day to do much more than make some variation of pasta for dinner, pour myself a glass of wine (actually John did that, nevermind) and settle brain dead on the couch. Unfortunately, thoughtful blog posts did not appear at the bottom of the wineglass, nor hidden in the dialogue of Modern Family as I had hoped. So instead you get this.

One task I have found energy for is searching out a cabin to rent for our one year anniversary coming up July 3rd. It is a long weekend so we’ll have three glorious nights of relaxed bliss on the lovely Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. My hope is to recreate the jello-like state I achieved in Hawaii on our honeymoon, and for this we require:

  • A private cabin away from internet, work, home, and any other reminders of productive things I could be doing. The guilt, it haunts me.
  • Proximity to water – staring at the constant and hypnotic movement of water or fire are the closest I’ve come to calming my mind. It’s my form of meditation. John is the same way.
  • Presence of our newest family member, Cassie.
  • Optional but helpful for creating jello-like state: hot tub or sauna.

Turns out this is a bit tricky to find since most places want you to stay for an entire week (oh how I wish!), however, here are a few options that might work and are causing me to drool in anticipation:

I promise to have something more thoughtful to say next week (dependent of course on The Bachelor providing deep, thoughtful material – seems like a safe assumption).

P.S. Got the title? If not, you’re not spending nearly enough time watching mindless television. It’s a sampling of the brilliance of Luke from Modern Family who I believe to be a recreation of John as a child.


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    We’re trying to figure out what we will do for our honeymoon (money is kind of an object), but we’ve decided that we’d both like a month away from the demands of our families, pretty please.

    Those cabins look brilliant! Good luck with your abstracts. (Crazy impressed)

    • Time away from everyone is SO KEY after the wedding hooplah. Hawaii was nice for sure, but quite honestly, I think anywhere calm and relaxed would have been amazing at the time.

  2. Thoughts.


    2) What do you mean, thoughtful blog posts do not appear at the bottom of a wine glass? That is where all of my blog posts come from.

    3) A private cabin AWAY FROM INTERNET????

    4) I hope that if you get the place in the 2nd picture that it actually comes with two full wine glasses! In fact, if you do go there and you cannot find the wine immediately upon entering the property, you should call the owner and complain vociferously! That would be false advertising! We were told there would be wine.

    5) The Bachelor is the well from which all my deepest, most thoughtful, most wine-soaked material comes from! You shouldn’t have a problem.

    6) Yay future vacation!

    • That place (where the full wine glasses come standard) just got back to us with a no – giant BOOOOO to that! We might end up drinking wine out of plastic cups at a motel 6.

      And yes, I think you’re right – I need to be doing more wine-fuelled writing. It worked for my thesis! (ok I swear it was only for like a little section, but arguably the most coherent one)

  3. This looks amaaaaazing. Hot tubs make everything better. (I should know, I’m about to book a trip to stay with my in-laws for THREE FULL WEEKS – the thought of the hot tub in their back garden is all that’s keeping me sane at this point…)

    Hope you manage to find some time in between your busy-ness to chill out this weekend, hot tub optional.

    • Wow that is a long visit with the in-laws, even if they’re fantastic people a hot tub will be needed.

      And yes, I will definitely be relaxing this weekend – the abstracts can’t follow me home! I won’t let them!

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