Thoughts on a lazy Friday

(Lazy really is the operative word in that title.)

  • I never thought I’d say this, but there is such a thing as being too polite on public transit. Case in point: when a seat opens up on the train, which you’d think had an open bar judging by how many people are packed into it (hey there’s an idea, booze in transit! Of course leave it to the Finns to already do this), someone should sit in that seat. Yes, I agree it is unclear who has dibs on this seat since there are at least five people within inches of it and this makes for a complex social problem. But someone sit down already so we can each have an inch more personal space and I can take a full breath and maybe stand up by my own volition again.
  • I slithered into the lunch room earlier today to make some tea, hoping as usual to avoid the awkward small talk that becomes compulsory if anyone else is there. Out of luck. Small talk ensued regarding the recently passed holidays. I reported mine were wonderful and politely inquired about his. The older gentleman I was speaking with said that while it was relaxing, he was glad to be back at work. Something about the stoop of his back and the droop of his face told me it was not because he was an eager go-getter who just couldn’t wait to get back to his engaging tasks. I was caught off guard, but tried to give him the benefit of the doubt by throwing in an “oh yeah, sometimes by the end of the holidays you just crave being back in a routine.” But he didn’t grab onto this somewhat socially acceptable reason to want to go back to work. No, he just said something about how he doesn’t ski. I imagine he is aware of other possible ways to spend time – e.g. walking, reading, or (back to the basics) eating, drinking and watching crappy television – so I just nodded sympathetically and made my escape.
  • Although I usually prefer cute little coffee shops, this week Starbucks tea lattes are half price in the afternoon so of course I would be an idiot* not to get in on that. I learned their Earl Grey tea lattes are delicious! They will be highly missed next week when they go back to being ridiculously priced tea with hot milk.

*Definition of idiot varies, if your definition includes ‘being a total consumer whore who thinks they are saving money by buying something on sale that they weren’t going to buy in the first place’ then I might actually be an idiot.


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